Tis the season to be jolly 2

Apologies for having been off the air for so long. It has been a few busy few months and I owe you some updates. Since September we had the blog awards, the little man started school, I was invited by the lovely Jean-Christophe Novelli and his fiancee to a day at his cookery school, I met the nice people at Allergy UK and have discovered lots of new recipes and foods along the way – watch our for a forthcoming post on African food. Yum. We have also had the usual battle with doctors, hospitals and keeping Zac well! More…


Cheats home-made df/gf garlic bread – easy Reply

One of Zac’s favourite foods when we he was a little tot was garlic bread. Once his diet became gluten free and dairy free, the shop bought stuff was ‘out’. I have since discovered that Asda have a version in their freezer section. It is ok. But so rarely in our local store that I decided to set about making or ‘creating’ my own.

I created some garlic butter by mixing a squirt of garlic puree (from a tube) in with a dollop of Pure sunflower spread. I learned to do this when he was just a dairy free boy. I used garlic puree because, although fresh garlic is nice, it is pretty hard, even with the best crusher or amazing knife skills, to get it this smooth. Although many little ones love garlic, no-one enjoys the shock of biting down on a chunk of it!


Back to the baking – df, gf ginger snaps 5

It’s about time I put up a new recipe. Life has been somewhat chaotic of late and I feel guilty for not trying anything new for a while. So as I was running out of ideas, I decided to treat myself to a copy of Simply Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free by Grace Cheetham. I bought my copy from http://www.lovelactosefreelife.co.uk/ – she sells ‘dairy free books’ as well as chocolates. So I popped one in my ‘basket’ last time I put in my ‘Zac chocolate’ order.

It is a great book, full of inspiration and is relatively simple – which is what I think is really lacking. A lot of the gluten free, dairy free recipes look a bit complicated to me with too many alien ingredients and far too many steps. As I said, I have been a bit pre-occupied of late and hadn’t even had much of a look at it, until this weekend when my six year old daughter saw it and started having a look. She is a bit like me and loves ‘looking’ at beautiful food and seems to enjoy flicking through cookery books. I think her eye was initially caught by the beautifully shot little cakes on the front cover, but it was the ginger biscuits that she asked me to make – thank goodness. As I am a bit rusty, I thought it best to start with a biscuit rather than a pretty little fairy cake.