Gluten free, dairy free breakfasts. Option 16 – carrot and courgette muffins. Reply

I have to admit I am starting to run out of ideas for different breakfasts now, so have taken to staring vacantly at the fridge and cupboards hoping that inspiration will fly off the shelves. Today the cupboards were a bit bare, except for the abundance of carrots I always have in the house, as they are Sophia’s favourite snack food. She will eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that is why I started to wonder if I could get them into Zac’s breakfast – he won’t eat them any other way, so how about in a muffin?

My sister makes a fab carrot cake, and I know it is a very versatile ingredient, so I started looking around for recipes. I quickly came across a recipe for ‘carrot and courgette mini muffins’. It was on the I Can Cook page of the CBeebies website. I do remember seeing the episode where Katie makes them and back then I did wonder what they might taste like. As this recipe looked far simpler than any of the others that Google threw at me, I decided to give it a go.



Gluten free, dairy free breakfasts. Option 15 – cranberry muffins Reply

So after a few experiments with gluten free oat based breakfasts, it is clear that Zac is not a fan. I noticed he picked out and ate all the dried fruit from the granola and muesli, and left the rest. So as he clearly likes the dried fruit, I thought I would try him on a new one – cranberries.

I know they contain anti-oxidants and some dietary fibre, so although dried fruits are mostly sugar, there are some benefits to giving them a try – not to mention adding some much needed variety and colour to his diet.

I picked up a pack in the supermarket today and then spent the rest of the afternoon deciding how to turn them into a decent breakfast. Then I noticed that there was a recipe on the side of the pack and decide to have a crack at it.

The recipe is actually for chocolate and cranberry muffins. As I am trying to promote healthy eating with Zac, and I don’t really feel right giving him chocolate for breakfast, I decide to swap it for some dried apricots. So even though it is, still in my eyes, ‘cake for breakfast’, at least it contains some fruit!