The MAD Blog Awards – I am a finalist! 2

When I started this blog, 11 months ago, I hoped that I could use it to reach out to others facing the daily challenges of living with and feeding an intolerant or allergic child. I was pleasantly surprised about how steadily my following grew and I have learned so much from them, many I now regard as friends. 

When I found out about the MAD blog awards, I decided to enter because I thought it might provide a platform to get my (many messages) out there and raise awareness of the struggles so many face just trying to get a proper diagnosis, let alone treatment. 

Making it to the final was a great surprise and I just want to thank everyone who has supported me with their words of encouragement and votes. But we are not quite there yet. One final stage to go.

I am one of the five finalists in the Best New Blog category. Nominations close on 26th March and I would be very grateful if you could support me with one last vote. Here is the link.

I am in a tough category, and feel very honoured to be in such great company. Just to get this far feels amazing and I am so excited at the prospect of meeting all the other finalists at the awards ceremony later in the year. 

Thank you all.



43 weeks to go – need to get started on the new plan Reply

Yesterday I received a ‘like’ from one of my blog followers – 400daystil40 – a blog written by someone trying to figure out life by their 40th birthday. It is a great read and the post that really inspired me is this one

Since starting my blog, I have been wondering where it might go. The writing and the cooking are both very therapeutic for me. On stressful days it really helps me and there have been rather too many of those of late. The interaction with my new found friends and followers has also given me a terrific boost and it has been lovely hearing from people who have found my blog interesting and helpful.

As I don’t have a job, and have little hope of getting one any time soon – extortionate childcare costs plus lack of school holiday care options equals no chance! Also, I used to work in marketing and it is a well-known fact (within the industry) that you are finished when you have kids unless you are willing to get a live in nanny, never see your family and work 10-12 hours a day 5 (or more) days a week. Also the salaries are relatively poor if you calculate your hourly rate, so it is hardly worth the effort.

So knowing that is ‘over’ I have often wondered if I can find a way to generate some income from my writing or establish a business associated with helping others dealing with allergy and intolerance and the challenges that come with it. I set up the blog about nine months ago and in that time have come into contact with many people who have done just that and seeing their great work has made me wonder what else I can do.


The cost of Feeding My Intolerant Child 7

Today we were running low on ‘Zac foods’. Our local Tesco, seems to be stocking less and less in it’s Free From section at the moment and our Waitrose is not much better. Sainsbury’s has by far the widest stock on shelves and some brands I have not seen anywhere else. So despite sending Tom to the supermarket yesterday for a ‘big shop’, I still had to go today.

Here is the list of items I bought and how much they cost.

Natures Path Gluten Free ‘O’s – breakfast cereal £2.75

Doves Farm Gluten Free Stars – breakfast cereal £1.94

Free From Ciabatta – 2 x small bread rolls – £1.80

Free From Digestive biscuits – £1.50

Free From Chocolate Coins (for his Christmas stocking) – £1.49

Orgran Outback Animal biscuits – £2.99

Free From Rich Tea biscuits – £1.39

Small bag of Free From Pasta – £1.50

Dietary Specials Gluten Free breadsticks – £2.49

Alpro Creamy Peach Yoghurts pack of 2 pots – £1

Alpro Creamy Cherry Yoghurts pack of 2 pots – £1

Gluten Free/Dairy Free chocolate spread – £2.29

Free From Spaghetti – £1.50

Small loaf of Genius brown bread – £2.90

Free From White bread rolls pack of 2 – £0.63

So that is almost £30 spent on special foods. I know it looks like a lot of snack foods. He won’t consume these all in a week, remember not all stores stock everything, so I tend to load up when I see a bit of variety. I do limit his snacking but when you have a child who cannot eat dairy or gluten, snacking is tricky. Active 3 year olds are hungry a lot and need extra fuel – so I do let him have the odd biscuit.