‘Free from’ foods can make you fat – think before you eat 8

I recently read, in a not very friendly Daily Telegraph article –  that the ‘free from’ food sales in the UK hit £0.5 billion last year and ‘gluten free’ alone is ‘worth’ £238 million a year. No wonder we are seeing more and more foods hitting the shelves. With a growth of more than 15% in just one year, you can see why the supermarkets have embraced this. Just this month Lidl launched their gluten free range and are no doubt currently analysing a positive impact on their overall sales figures.



Making gluten free, dairy free bread – again. 2

Last year I was given a bread machine by my mother in law. The whole family, when catering for Zac, has experienced the frustration of spending £3 on a tiny loaf that falls apart before you can do anything with it, and has great big holes in the slices. My mother in law had a bread machine of her own and suggested I borrow it and see if I could make something more usable and tasty. A lot of the gluten free breads taste pretty rough. So I had a go and the result was pretty disastrous. I blamed the machine! It didn’t have a setting for gluten free bread and I guess that is pretty crucial as the process is quite different.


Gluten free, dairy free breakfasts – option 10 – bread!!! Reply

Whilst digging out my Doves Farm self-raising flour, I came across a bag of Doves Farm White bread flour blend sitting at the back of the cupboard. I bought it a while ago when I had my first attempt at making gluten free bread in a machine. It was disastrous and I sold the bread machine!

But I still get irritated by the very expensive, crumbly bread I spend about £10 a week on. So I decided I should try and make it again, this time the traditional way and see if I can make bread that is edible and suitable for breakfast.

I used the recipe on the back of the Doves Farm packaging. Just for once I had all the ingredients, plenty of time on my hands and no excuses not to do it!

Here is the recipe.

450g/16oz Doves Farm white bread flour

½ tsp salt

2 tsp quick yeast

2 tbsp sugar

325ml/11fl oz warm milk – I used Kara dairy free

1 tsp vinegar

2 eggs

6 tbsp oil