Eating & Living Free From 1

I first saw this magazine at the Free From Show last year. It is packed with recipes, offers, product reviews and invites contributions from readers. So I got in touch with the editor. A few months ago they got back to me and invited me to be part of their ‘cooking with kids’ feature for the March issue.

I decided that my ‘Malaysian style’ chicken curry recipe would be a nice main course and my banana loaf is probably my ‘best’ cake. Both are easy to make with the kids and get regular hits on the blog, so probably have a wide appeal.




How I cook Reply

I’m not brilliant at it. I am not conventional either. I have a stack of cookery books and I don’t want to think about what I’ve spent on food magazines over the years, especially as I don’t think I have ever followed a single recipe to the letter.

When I want to or need to cook, I usually start from a different place to most conventional cooks – I think. I rarely look at a book first, select a recipe and then buy the ingredients. I usually start in the fridge, look at what needs using up, think about what I can make and then check the books to see if there’s a recipe that matches and solves my problem.


My Free From Life 5

This month I am featured in Gluten Free Heaven magazine. They invite contributions from readers so I thought I would send mine over. I was surprised but delighted to discover they wanted to run it.

Here’s a few images.

It’s a great magazine. Not cheap at £4.99 but it is packed full of recipes, food reviews and advice to definitely one you would keep and refer back to whenever you are looking for some culinary inspiration.


Mastering the dairy free, gluten free ‘Lump Cake’ 2

Back in the summer, when we went to Spain, we discovered some very good gluten free, dairy free cakes that Zac fell in love with. They looked a bit like mini muffins and had a gentle vanilla flavour and very light texture. They were called ‘Magdelenas’ – but Zac christened them ‘lump cakes’ because they had a little ‘lumpy peak’. I have never seen anything similar in the ‘free from’ aisles here and have been searching my allergy recipe friendly recipes books for inspiration ever since. No luck – until yesterday morning. More…

Ilumi foods – the perfect travelling companion Reply

Packing for a holiday. Never an easy task. When you have an allergic/intolerant member of the family that task becomes even more tricky as you have to set aside room in the cases for ‘safe foods’. Although dairy free and gluten free foods are widely available, even in Spain, as I discovered recently, you still want to have a few favourites ready to eat as soon you as you land. It is easy enough to manage the little packed lunch, but what about meals?

Whilst visiting the Allergy Show I happened upon a new brand that looked like a very good solution to this little problem. Ilumi make ambient ready meals that are free from gluten, milk and nut free. The food comes in handy little packs and the meals range includes: thai red chicken curry, chicken casserole, beef chilli, beef meatballs in tomato sauce and spanish style rice, as well as a variety of sauces, gravies and soups. The prices range for £1.50 for a sauce to £3.50 for a meal. The food is available to buy direct from their website Delivery is free and super fast. The website is very informative and includes sections on: their story, their cooking methods, diet/lifestyle and they also have a ‘magazine’ section, which I thought was very interesting.


Isabel’s Naturally Free From – gluten free product range Reply

When you have an intolerant child, or allergies of your own, you can spend what feels like a huge part of your life constantly looking out for new and interesting – and safe – foods to try. One of the brands that has caught my eye many times is Isabel’s

The range seems to be expanding and looks very interesting, but is mostly gluten free and not dairy free, so I decided to make contact with Isabel Gordon – the founder of Isabel’s Cuisine and see if I could find out more about her, her products and the potential for any new dairy free products to be added to her line. I love supporting independent ‘free from’ brands and am always keen to know how they got started and what their plans are. So we had ‘a little interview’ and here it is. Hope you find it interesting.