Itchy skin and MRSA 8

It has been a very long time since I last blogged. So much has happened. Zac has had a lot of appointments and we have finally got through the skin episode – which turned out to be much more than just a skin episode. As I said, he got through it but not without a lot of stress, some scarring and what I think can only be attributed to divine intervention. More…


Tis the season to be jolly 2

Apologies for having been off the air for so long. It has been a few busy few months and I owe you some updates. Since September we had the blog awards, the little man started school, I was invited by the lovely Jean-Christophe Novelli and his fiancee to a day at his cookery school, I met the nice people at Allergy UK and have discovered lots of new recipes and foods along the way – watch our for a forthcoming post on African food. Yum. We have also had the usual battle with doctors, hospitals and keeping Zac well! More…

Nalcrom (sodium cromoglicate) – should we try it? 11

When Zac had his appointment at Great Ormond Street hospital, we were told of a drug that might help him – Nalcrom. The consultant, who I really respect and trust, said he thought it was something we should consider once Zac had got the blood test results. Great.

When we met our NHS consultant, she read his letter with this advice, agreed with it and gave us a prescription on the spot, before the blood tests had even been carried out. Both assured me that this could help his tummy, as it acts a bit like a ‘plaster’ on his gut. As both consultants (correctly) suspected that Zac has non-IgE mediated allergy, medication could be the answer and this is where I came up with my blistered foot analogy.

Because Zac’s tummy has been aggravated for so long, he ‘reacts instantly and allergically’ to many foods now, but he is not technically allergic to any of them. In the way that if you have a blister on your foot – all shoes are going to rub. It is the same for him when he eats. Most days he has a distended abdomen no matter what he eats, and according to the consultants this drug could help with that.


A break from breakfasts – now for the science bit 12

As I have worked my way through 15 breakfast options now, I think it is time to bring a bit of science back to the blog. Don’t worry, the food will be back, but I need to share our latest news, as it may resonate with some of you – and some of you may have comments or advice? Please feel free to comment.

After three years of trying to get Zac allergy tested, we finally made some progress at the end of last year and got a consultant to agree that his condition needed further investigating and blood tests were the next step. The blood was taken just before Christmas and by 21st January – after much chasing, I received the results. Zac’s blood tests were negative for cow’s milk, egg, fish, peanuts, sesame, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, wheat, mixed tree pollen and mixed grass pollen. They were also supposed to test for mango and kiwi, but in the letter they apologised for not having done this, as they had taken insufficient blood! Great.

Dr Fox had also requested for Zac to be screened for HLA DQ2 and DQ8 – which would help rule out Coeliac disease, but there was not mention of this in the letter, so I can only assume they forgot altogether. Massively unimpressed – again. I plan to discuss when we next meet the consultant.