Lunchtime with my intolerant child 1

A while back I promised to work my way through recipes and ideas for feeding an intolerant child (or grown up). I promised to keep it simple – with minimal steps and ingredients. I worked through breakfasts, have a fair share of ‘dinners’ but still ‘owe you lunch’. So here goes. Time to look at ‘what’s for lunch’.

My two children have packed lunches at school and pre-school. Zac is due to start school in September and the option of school dinners will be there. He may decide he wants to try them, as Sophia did when she first started. The menu provided by school looks excellent and it is very highly rated by all parents, staff and the children, so I was more than happy to let Sophia switch – but I will need to have a chat to the caterers before I consider letting Zac give it a try.

Our school is a ‘healthy eating’ school and the menu certainly is nutritionally very balanced, with many naturally gluten free and dairy free foods – BUT – as many of you know and may have experienced, it is cross contamination that is the biggest issue for those with allergies, so I will need to get a better understanding of how this is managed.



Cheats home-made df/gf garlic bread – easy Reply

One of Zac’s favourite foods when we he was a little tot was garlic bread. Once his diet became gluten free and dairy free, the shop bought stuff was ‘out’. I have since discovered that Asda have a version in their freezer section. It is ok. But so rarely in our local store that I decided to set about making or ‘creating’ my own.

I created some garlic butter by mixing a squirt of garlic puree (from a tube) in with a dollop of Pure sunflower spread. I learned to do this when he was just a dairy free boy. I used garlic puree because, although fresh garlic is nice, it is pretty hard, even with the best crusher or amazing knife skills, to get it this smooth. Although many little ones love garlic, no-one enjoys the shock of biting down on a chunk of it!


Easy Elevensies – simple snacks and treats, no cooking skill required. 2

Earlier this year I promised I would work through some very simple recipes for those of you like me, who have to cook gluten free and dairy free but are not overly skilled or confident. Some of my recipes and ‘cheats’ might also be good for anyone a bit short of time or for anyone like me who has a tendency to skip a page, when you find a recipe that has more than about 6 ingredients and multiple steps.

As I managed to find about a fortnights worth of simple breakfast options, I think it is time to move on to mid-morning snacks or ‘elevensies’ as they used to be called. I have already covered a fair few in separate blog posts, so here are links to the ones that I think are nice and simple and a relatively wholesome or indulgent mid-morning snack. As we all know little ones often need an energy boost mid-morning and when you have a gluten free, dairy free child a babybel and some cream crackers are definitely off the menu.