Ilumi foods – the perfect travelling companion Reply

Packing for a holiday. Never an easy task. When you have an allergic/intolerant member of the family that task becomes even more tricky as you have to set aside room in the cases for ‘safe foods’. Although dairy free and gluten free foods are widely available, even in Spain, as I discovered recently, you still want to have a few favourites ready to eat as soon you as you land. It is easy enough to manage the little packed lunch, but what about meals?

Whilst visiting the Allergy Show I happened upon a new brand that looked like a very good solution to this little problem. Ilumi make ambient ready meals that are free from gluten, milk and nut free. The food comes in handy little packs and the meals range includes: thai red chicken curry, chicken casserole, beef chilli, beef meatballs in tomato sauce and spanish style rice, as well as a variety of sauces, gravies and soups. The prices range for £1.50 for a sauce to £3.50 for a meal. The food is available to buy direct from their website Delivery is free and super fast. The website is very informative and includes sections on: their story, their cooking methods, diet/lifestyle and they also have a ‘magazine’ section, which I thought was very interesting.



Ice cream cones – I know it is raining, but I still want them! 4

As the weather is so poor at home, we decided to head to the seaside for the rest of half term. My parents live in Christchurch, Dorset and seem to get better weather than us. We don’t have to bring too much of Zac’s special food with us, as there is a large Sainsbury’s close by and a Waitrose. Both usually stock a good range of free from foods and Mum is great at catering for Zac. But she had run out of his special dairy free, wheat free, gluten free ice cream cones and so had I.

The last time I managed to find any was at the Allergy Show last month. I was thrilled when I stumbled upon the Barkat stall and even more happy to find that they were selling them. Annoyingly, I didn’t have much cash on me so could only buy one box. And the nice weather last month caused us to run out – very quickly.

I have been to our local Sainsbury’s several times since and had no luck. So the first thing we did when we arrived in Christchurch was to run out and see if we could find them. Sadly, they had none on the shelves, and there wasn’t even a ‘space’ for them, so it doesn’t look like they have been selling them lately.

I expected not to find the ice cream cones on the supermarket shelves in winter, but I had expected them to have made a comeback by now. The dairy free ice cream is in the freezers all year round so it doesn’t make much sense. Also, I have only ever seen one brand – Barkat and I have only ever found them in Sainsbury’s.

I don’t understand why they are not in more supermarkets or why they are not on the shelves yet. I know the weather is poor but kids love ice cream all year round. If I had found them I would have bought several boxes and I am sure others would too. They are expensive and so the supermarkets are really missing a trick here.

It is easy enough to find the well known Askey’s ice cream cones and wafers all year round, so why not the free from versions? Also, I have looked carefully at the Askey’s cones and they have a worryingly long list of not very natural ingredients, and in my opinion don’t even taste that good. The Barkat cones that we love are in the style of a Belgian waffle cone and taste really good. It is not often that a ‘free from’ product is a better flavour or texture than a ‘normal’ one but these are great.

So today, I decided to have a look and see where else I can find them. Here are the sites. Please take a look and try them. Perhaps if enough of us try them and buy them we can help them convince more supermarkets to stock them. Definitely a product for all the family and not just the food intolerants among us.