Can I Eat There? 7

I just recently made a new and exciting discovery that I have to share. A new website called Can I Eat There? is in development and due to launch in a matter of weeks.

Naturally the name caught my eye, because as an allergy parent, I’m always on the lookout for restaurants that will cater well and safely for us.

So I decided to contact the people behind this genius idea to find out more. The idea was developed by an ‘allergy parent’ – Nicky Granger – to help the 7 million plus UK adults and children with food allergies and intolerances. Nicky’s four year old son has NINE severe food allergies and they do not go anywhere without 2 EpiPens, a bottle of Piriton and plenty of anxiety – particularly when eating out.



Our look back at 2014 – MRSA, new foods, new laws, new hope! 2

As the year comes to an end, it is normal and fun to reflect on all that happened. 2014 was a big year for the blog. So thank you all for the support, follows, comments and ‘shares’. I love hearing all of your stories and comments, so keep them coming. This month has been our biggest month ever in terms of visits and interactions. It coincides with a giant change in the ‘allergy world’ – the arrival of the new food regs.

I can’t help but think that 2015 will be an even bigger year for stories about allergy living, free from foods and the booming industry that has grown out of the need – and the increasingly trendy ‘lifestyle’.


Podcast of my interview with parenting guru Liz Fraser Reply

Here is a link to the podcast of a conversation I had last week with Liz Fraser – parenting guru, broadcaster and author of the Yummy Mummy books.

We had a discussion about the challenges with getting children to eat, in particular one who has anxieties about trying new foods, as a result of food allergies/intolerances.

It was great to meet her and get some insights and ideas on how to overcome the challenges we face when trying to persuade our overly cautious little boy, that not all foods will give him a tummy ache.

Hope you find it interesting.

43 weeks to go – need to get started on the new plan Reply

Yesterday I received a ‘like’ from one of my blog followers – 400daystil40 – a blog written by someone trying to figure out life by their 40th birthday. It is a great read and the post that really inspired me is this one

Since starting my blog, I have been wondering where it might go. The writing and the cooking are both very therapeutic for me. On stressful days it really helps me and there have been rather too many of those of late. The interaction with my new found friends and followers has also given me a terrific boost and it has been lovely hearing from people who have found my blog interesting and helpful.

As I don’t have a job, and have little hope of getting one any time soon – extortionate childcare costs plus lack of school holiday care options equals no chance! Also, I used to work in marketing and it is a well-known fact (within the industry) that you are finished when you have kids unless you are willing to get a live in nanny, never see your family and work 10-12 hours a day 5 (or more) days a week. Also the salaries are relatively poor if you calculate your hourly rate, so it is hardly worth the effort.

So knowing that is ‘over’ I have often wondered if I can find a way to generate some income from my writing or establish a business associated with helping others dealing with allergy and intolerance and the challenges that come with it. I set up the blog about nine months ago and in that time have come into contact with many people who have done just that and seeing their great work has made me wonder what else I can do.


The Reluctant Baker meets The Intolerant Gourmet 1

Just in case you hadn’t heard(haha) – it is snowing! I picked the children up from school early as I didn’t fancy a treacherous drive home later down some very icy, snowy country lanes. So here we are waiting for the snow to stop and trying to find things to do. As usual, my thoughts turned to food. I actually planned to get a delicious cassoulet ‘on’. But Sophia wanted to make biscuits. So we did that first.

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will know I am a very reluctant baker. I love cooking ‘dinners’ but I am a bit rubbish at baking cakes. I don’t like eating them that much and can be a bit slapdash and messy. But when you have one child with allergies and another looking for jobs on a snowy day, you have little choice but to put away your fears and get out the aprons.

Since Zac’s problems began I have been muddling through experimenting with my own recipes for various meals etc, but not being a confident baker I felt the need for some tried and tested recipes from an expert. So I ordered myself a copy of the Intolerant Gourmet by Pippa Kendrick. I had first seen it in Waitrose for £20 and chose not to buy it, but when I saw it for sale on for £12.99 I decided it was a bargain not to be missed.

It really is gourmet stuff and the recipes and photography are really beautiful. It also has lots of useful information about the replacement ingredients and lots of useful tips. Some of the recipes do have a lot of ingredients, and that often puts me off. I am a simple cook. Definitely not gourmet or greatly skilled. Mine is more simple home cooking, lots of flavour, minimal steps and little skill. But I needed a biscuit recipe and this book has one. It looks so simple so I decided to give it a go. I have tried it and blogged on it before, but this time I struggled with it even more than the first.