New Year, New Resources – Allergy Cooking in 2015 Reply

I hope 2015 has got off to a good start for you all. As I mentioned in my last blog post I believe 2015 will be a big year for ‘allergy cooking’. In the three short years since I launched Feeding My Intolerant Child, I have noticed a massive increase in the amount of ready made food available to us but now we have more resources than ever to help us make more of our own.

As I suspected and hoped, many top chefs and TV cooks have now embraced the ‘lifestyle’ aspect of dairy free and gluten free ‘eating’ and have started to ‘clean up’ their recipes and publish articles and whole books dedicated to gluten free and dairy free cooking. Many of the food magazines now label their recipes with a variety of icons, e.g. dairy free, gluten free, vegan, low fat, low sugar so that you can scan through and at a glance find the ones most suited to you.



Our look back at 2014 – MRSA, new foods, new laws, new hope! 2

As the year comes to an end, it is normal and fun to reflect on all that happened. 2014 was a big year for the blog. So thank you all for the support, follows, comments and ‘shares’. I love hearing all of your stories and comments, so keep them coming. This month has been our biggest month ever in terms of visits and interactions. It coincides with a giant change in the ‘allergy world’ – the arrival of the new food regs.

I can’t help but think that 2015 will be an even bigger year for stories about allergy living, free from foods and the booming industry that has grown out of the need – and the increasingly trendy ‘lifestyle’.


Back to Zizzi… 7

Over two years ago, we visited Zizzi in Winchester when we heard that they did gluten free pasta. We had a good experience and although the only dairy free pasta sauce was tomato we were impressed. The staff were helpful and ‘got’ gluten free. Zac had never ‘eaten’ in a restaurant before and it was so lovely to see his little face. Much has changed since then and more and more restaurants have been embracing gluten free but still the dairy free offering has always been poor.


14 Food Allergens – new law, what’s changed? 10

On December 13th the new law came in which states that all food and drink providers must comply with the EU Food Information for Customers. (FIR Regs 1169/2011). So what does that mean? In summary, ‘allergy’ customers can now arrive at ‘a place that serves food’ and find/be presented with details of the Top 14 allergens present in foods on the menu. This can be presented on a chalkboard, on the menu itself, in an information pack or pinned to a wall. The ‘food serving establishment’ can no longer state that all foods could contain allergens. Oral statements must be backed up in writing. Environmental Health Officers will be enforcing the regulations and failure to comply will result in large fines.


Pumpkin Soup Reply

As it’s almost Halloween, the children have been carving pumpkins and getting pretty excited about the whole thing. It always seems a waste to me when the flesh of the pumpkin is thrown away, so I thought I would have a go at making soup. I have always enjoyed butternut squash soup and figured the recipe I normally use could be adapted, as they are of the same family.

I’m happy to say it works perfectly well with ‘normal’ pumpkin. You get a slightly deeper colour and a slightly milder flavour but the texture is the same and the method is simple – always important to me. So if you’re looking for a great treat to serve at a Halloween party, why not give this one a go. A terrific winter warmer.

Pumpkin Soup - Happy Halloween

Pumpkin Soup – Happy Halloween!

Celebrating Chocolate Week – more dairy free options 2

Most of the treats I featured in my last post about dairy free chocolates were recipes I’d developed, adapted or simply followed. However, I don’t always do everything from scratch. When I first started dairy free and gluten free cooking I used a few packet mixes – Hale & Hearty were my favourite. They were so good – easy to use, not too expensive and the end product was delicious. I bought mine in Sainsbury’s.

brownies and muffins

An almost perfect looking chocolate muffin

An almost perfect looking chocolate muffin