Health related posts Reply

Here is a selection of blog posts that are more about health related issues and the challenges of living with allergies. Some are specific to our case, some of the posts are just me sharing news and articles and others are more like discussions. Thought and hoped they might be of interest.

Feeding my intolerant child – out and about and on holiday

Non-IgE mediated allergy to wheat or Coeliac disease?

Supporting the Allergy UK Nurse Appeal

12 months later…progress has been made

Some tips on preventing iron deficiency

Allergy tests – results and the next steps 

Food scares – time to think about every ingredient in every bite

Nalcrom  (sodium cromoglicate) – should we try it?

A break from breakfasts – now for the science bit

An update is long overdue – from me and from the hospital

Zac has allergies and needs to be tested asap – I knew it and GOSH confirmed it

The cost of Feeding My Intolerant Child

Only 2 days to go until our appointment at Great Ormond Street – can’t come quick enough

Maltodextrin – could this mystery ingredient be the culprit?

Dermatitis herpetiformis – does it look like this?

Good days and bad days – life with an intolerant child

What went wrong with dairy products? Why does milk make so many of us sick?

How many GF/Coeliac people can eat dairy?

Foods on prescription – anything for dairy intolerants?

Mystery ingredients – what’s in a name?

Milk and me

Nutritional hot potatoes

Asthma clinic

An interesting theory – gm yeast?

It is a global problem

National Allergy Week research links ‘healthy’ food to hay fever




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