Money saving tips 2

One of the hardest things about having to eat ‘free from’ is the devastating impact it has on your shopping bill. Many of the foods are three times the price of ‘normal’ foods. If you are like me, and decide to try and make as much as you can from scratch, you can still feel an impact as for some reason, even store cupboard staples such as tinned foods seem to be going up in price from week to week.



Mastering the dairy free, gluten free ‘Lump Cake’ 2

Back in the summer, when we went to Spain, we discovered some very good gluten free, dairy free cakes that Zac fell in love with. They looked a bit like mini muffins and had a gentle vanilla flavour and very light texture. They were called ‘Magdelenas’ – but Zac christened them ‘lump cakes’ because they had a little ‘lumpy peak’. I have never seen anything similar in the ‘free from’ aisles here and have been searching my allergy recipe friendly recipes books for inspiration ever since. No luck – until yesterday morning. More…

Eating dairy free, gluten free – naturally 5

I recently read that the UK ‘free from’ foods market is now estimated to be worth close to £250 billion! It is claimed that much of it is driven by lifestyle choices – and not just by people who have to follow a restricted diet because of allergy or GI diseases and conditions. In the four years since Zac’s diet became dairy free and then gluten free, I have visited pretty much every supermarket I have ever passed just in the hope of finding some new foods that might be of interest and suitable. All of the major supermarkets have a range of free from foods, all of them seem to think it is justifiable to charge on average two to three times what you would pay for normal food, so it is little wonder that this market is so valuable. However, if you are forced to shop ‘free from’ out of necessity, then you do start to resent the lack of choice and the feeling of being ripped off. This remains one of my key motivations for writing this blog – finding ways around this. More…

New Year – new doctors, new hope and new adventures. 5

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a good Christmas and have seen January off to a good start. I am happy to report that we had a very good end to the year and positive start to 2014.

My intolerant child, Zac, has been mostly very well and we have had some positive meetings with some very genuine doctors and are making progress in all areas. Towards the end of last year we visited Dr Adam Fox again, as Zac had been having recurrent skin infections. To cut a long story short, the advice we were given – to use Oilatum Plus in the bath every day – proved to be the answer. Zac has not had any boils or abscesses since the day we started it. Worth a try for anyone with problematic skin – but probably best to check with a GP first! More…

Tis the season to be jolly 2

Apologies for having been off the air for so long. It has been a few busy few months and I owe you some updates. Since September we had the blog awards, the little man started school, I was invited by the lovely Jean-Christophe Novelli and his fiancee to a day at his cookery school, I met the nice people at Allergy UK and have discovered lots of new recipes and foods along the way – watch our for a forthcoming post on African food. Yum. We have also had the usual battle with doctors, hospitals and keeping Zac well! More…

My interview with GFree Radio Reply

Several months ago I stumbled upon GFree Radio.

@gfreeradio on twitter

According to their website they are ‘The UK’s first & only show for Coeliacs. G-free news, food reviews, comment; interviews with bloggers, food suppliers, nutritionists and celebs. ‘

I have recently started to look at radio and podcasts for a way to add interest to this site, so got in touch with them for a chat.

Peter the presenter/producer of the show/programme is a Coeliac and has a background in radio and has identified that people might appreciate him bringing the two together to present news from the gluten free world. It is an informative show and I find it very interesting – even though we are not confirmed coeliac sufferers, we still have to live a gluten free diet so it is very relevant to us.

A month or so ago, Peter interviewed me for the show has recently broadcast my interview in two parts over two different shows/episodes. More…