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I first saw this magazine at the Free From Show last year. It is packed with recipes, offers, product reviews and invites contributions from readers. So I got in touch with the editor. A few months ago they got back to me and invited me to be part of their ‘cooking with kids’ feature for the March issue.

I decided that my ‘Malaysian style’ chicken curry recipe would be a nice main course and my banana loaf is probably my ‘best’ cake. Both are easy to make with the kids and get regular hits on the blog, so probably have a wide appeal.


My photography skills have never been up to much so I recently re-visited the chicken curry and took some new shots just before my deadline. I invited some friends over for dinner as my testers and they agreed it was a pretty delicious curry, that could appeal to kids. They thought the flavours could be adjusted easily according to taste and kids could get involved with the prep and cooking. Here’s the link to the original blog post containing the recipe.

Over the years, I have varied the key ingredients. I definitely prefer it with chick peas rather than butter beans, but it’s also fine without any pulses. It’s just a bit more wholesome and hearty with them and perfect for a wet and windy March evening.

The cake is good any time and I love playing around with this recipe too. Originally it was just bananas and sultanas, but in recent times I have tried adding dairy free chocolate chips and most recently dairy free chocolate covered raisins. These are my favourite addition and definitely worth a try. The raisins become very plump and juicy as they are baked and the chocolate melts around them and adds a delicious aroma, flavour and texture to the loaf that always leaves you wanting another slice. Here’s the link to that one.

Of course, you could just buy the magazine. I saw it in Sainsbury’s yesterday and I’ve definitely seen it in Tesco. I think I even saw it in Hobbycraft once. You can sign up for a subscription via their website too. The cover price is £5.99 and so a subscription makes a good gift for any friends who are free from cooks always in search of new recipes and ideas. Needless to say there is a Facebook page and Twitter too. A good way to keep an eye on anything new that might be of interest.

I was lucky enough to receive my copy in the post today so am now off to have a read while the kids are at gym and football. Might help me decide what to cook when we get back!


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