Happy Shrove Tuesday 5

Pancakes are popular in this house and we eat them regularly – usually at weekends. When I first started this blog I decided to try and find a gluten free and dairy free recipe for Zac so he wouldn’t miss out on Shrove Tuesday – and would have more options for breakfast. I found one for crepe style pancakes and one for Scotch pancakes or American style pancakes. Sophia has always loved both but it was only very recently that we managed to get Zac to try them  and now he loves them too.

So it was no great surprise that they asked me to make them pancakes for breakfast today. They announced they would like ‘flipping’ pancakes, so I made the crepe style. Zac has his with golden syrup and sometimes his dairy free chocolate spread. It is really delicious – a hazelnut spread, mixed with cocoa and far too much sugar and oil, but he only has it once in a while.


They have been learning about the ‘dangers of sugar’ in school recently, so are starting to monitor their own sugar intake and most days he says he wants Marmite on toast, so I had no qualms about indulging him with something sweet today. That’s the point of Shrove Tuesday anyway – the feast before Lent.

For this evening they have asked for the other style of pancakes for their dessert after dinner. Again I said yes. I like these ones best myself. They work very well gluten free and dairy free. No-one I have given them to can tell the difference between these and ‘normal’ ones. The children like this variety with sultanas cooked into them and a drizzle of golden syrup on top. The good thing about these is that the volume of batter makes at least 12 pancakes and they keep very well. I usually cook up as many as the batter gives me. Then re-heat any leftovers in the toaster or microwave as and when required – but they are nice cold too, so I think I will see how many I can get out of the batter tonight.

Here’s some pictures and links to the recipes.

photo (36)

freshly flipped - my first gf df pancake

sophia pleased with her pancake











    • Hi. Thanks they were great. I haven’t used Choc Shot before, but I have seen it and wondered what it’s like. Think I will pop it on my next Ocado order. Thanks for the tip. The one I use is from Sainsbury’s and tastes just like Nutella. High in sugar and fat though! Best wishes, N

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