Know your food families 10

Food allergy sufferers rarely have just one key trigger. Many allergies seem to go hand in hand and make day to day living and eating out, particularly difficult. It is not uncommon for a milk allergy sufferer also to be allergic to eggs and often nut allergy sufferers are allergic to several other items from the ‘top 14’.

I recently wrote a piece for Allergy Aware Kitchen on this subject. It was aimed at those in the food service industry – to remind them of the importance of knowing your food families when catering for allergy customers, but I also think it is worth sharing with a wider audience as some of the information here can help you puzzle out why you’ve had a reaction when you’ve eaten what you thought was a ‘safe’ meal or ingredient.



Can I Eat There? 7

I just recently made a new and exciting discovery that I have to share. A new website called Can I Eat There? is in development and due to launch in a matter of weeks.

Naturally the name caught my eye, because as an allergy parent, I’m always on the lookout for restaurants that will cater well and safely for us.

So I decided to contact the people behind this genius idea to find out more. The idea was developed by an ‘allergy parent’ – Nicky Granger – to help the 7 million plus UK adults and children with food allergies and intolerances. Nicky’s four year old son has NINE severe food allergies and they do not go anywhere without 2 EpiPens, a bottle of Piriton and plenty of anxiety – particularly when eating out.