Our look back at 2014 – MRSA, new foods, new laws, new hope! 2

As the year comes to an end, it is normal and fun to reflect on all that happened. 2014 was a big year for the blog. So thank you all for the support, follows, comments and ‘shares’. I love hearing all of your stories and comments, so keep them coming. This month has been our biggest month ever in terms of visits and interactions. It coincides with a giant change in the ‘allergy world’ – the arrival of the new food regs.


I can’t help but think that 2015 will be an even bigger year for stories about allergy living, free from foods and the booming industry that has grown out of the need – and the increasingly trendy ‘lifestyle’.



Back to Zizzi… 7

Over two years ago, we visited Zizzi in Winchester when we heard that they did gluten free pasta. We had a good experience and although the only dairy free pasta sauce was tomato we were impressed. The staff were helpful and ‘got’ gluten free. Zac had never ‘eaten’ in a restaurant before and it was so lovely to see his little face. Much has changed since then and more and more restaurants have been embracing gluten free but still the dairy free offering has always been poor.


14 Food Allergens – new law, what’s changed? 10

On December 13th the new law came in which states that all food and drink providers must comply with the EU Food Information for Customers. (FIR Regs 1169/2011). So what does that mean? In summary, ‘allergy’ customers can now arrive at ‘a place that serves food’ and find/be presented with details of the Top 14 allergens present in foods on the menu. This can be presented on a chalkboard, on the menu itself, in an information pack or pinned to a wall. The ‘food serving establishment’ can no longer state that all foods could contain allergens. Oral statements must be backed up in writing. Environmental Health Officers will be enforcing the regulations and failure to comply will result in large fines.