The outcome of our latest appointment. 3

Last week, we had our second private consultation with Dr Adam Fox. We first met him almost a year ago, when after years of poor treatment from local GPs and hospitals, I decided we would have to pay for it ourselves, if we were to get Zac in front of a specialist. The first appointment was a success and gave us a greater understanding of what was causing Zac’s various symptoms, but because tests were need Dr Fox wrote to our local hospital and GP and suggested they are managed through the NHS – to save us money, and because they should have accepted him as a patient and run these tests in the first place.
After several NHS appointments and several rounds of blood tests we were pleased that all of Zac tested negative to all of the allergens we had identified as troublesome and this looked like it was confirming Dr Fox’s hunch that Zac has non-IgE mediated allergies, but nonetheless should keep to his restricted diet and take anti-histamine twice daily, with a view to looking at some challenges in the months and years ahead.

More appointments – more progress? 5

Last week, we had an appointment with the dietician at the Luton and Dunstable hospital. We first met her earlier in the year, in between the blood tests and the skin prick tests. At the time, she said she would have to wait for the results of all the tests before beginning any food challenges with Zac, as she needed to know what was safe. Fair enough. She also said she thought it was worth getting the coeliac gene screen, as first mentioned by Dr Adam Fox. For some reason, unknown to me, even though he had requested it in the letter he sent to the consultant we were seeing at the L&D, the test was not carried out.

As the months rolled by and Zac’s skin infections become more regular, I decided to speak to my GP about it. I wondered if they could organise it, as it had been requested by a specialist, and was not just a case of a paranoid mother wasting their time. You rarely see the same GP twice at my surgery, and there are several I deliberately avoid. This time I did manage to see a new one. She is very young and I have found that the younger ones still seem to have a certain amount of drive and care, whereas the older ones at our surgery, just seem irritated by your very presence.