A bit more on Histamine Intolerance – the lesser known condition 7

Allergic reactions – but negative blood test results. How is that possible? I know I am not the only parent/person faced with this puzzle. I belong to a few ‘allergy groups’ on Facebook and have got to know a few other bloggers and sufferers over the last 12 months have discovered that there are many of us in the same boat.

We all feel we are going crazy, because we have such real reactions and yet it is so difficult to get doctors to believe there is anything wrong. Then you have to beg and plead for allergy tests. If/when they finally relent and you go through all that stress and receive negative blood test results – should you stop or continue to strive for a diagnosis?



Skin infections – our latest challenge 5

Last year Zac had a horrible spot on his elbow that turned into a rash with an erupting abscess at the epicentre. The first GP who saw it said it was nothing. A few days later when it was oozing, another GP decided it did need anti-biotics and the pus needed to be squeezed out. She did it while I held him and it is a memory that still haunts me. The doctor went pale as she did it and both of us went temporarily deaf from the ear piercing screams of my brave little hero.

Ever since then we have always been very vigilant at keeping an eye on any ‘weird’ skin stuff. He did have one other very nasty rash that was diagnosed as eczema but until last week, his skin has been pretty good. But then a week or two ago Zac had a few ‘bad nights’. Lots of fidgeting and getting up in the night, itchy, very sweaty and his tummy seemed very bloated. These were all problems that were part of every day life until we started him on antihistamine twice a day. Because he has been so well I foolishly started to think perhaps he was growing out of his condition and so I became less vigilant with the medicine. I don’t like pumping him full of drugs every day so perhaps was subconsciously challenging him. BIG mistake.