Non-IgE mediated allergy to wheat or Coeliac disease? 13

When we met Dr Fox in November, he agreed that the only way to successfully diagnose Zac was to run proper allergy tests. Sounds a bit obvious, but in three years of trying, he was the first doctor we met who came up with that conclusion. Alarming.

After going through his case history, he thought Zac’s reactions to wheat and gluten could either be pointing to wheat allergy or non-mediated IgE allergy to wheat and gluten, as Zac’s reactions when eating the foods seemed so sudden and quite dramatic – instant bloating, liquid stools, tummy ache and itchy skin. More…


Supporting the Allergy UK Nurse Appeal 2

Last week was UK Allergy Awareness Week and there was a lot of press surrounding the rising number of people, particularly children suffering from allergies.

On Monday there was an article by Jo Willey of the Daily Express, quoting a report by Allergy UK that stated that ‘Health chiefs are failing allergy sufferers by providing woefully inadequate NHS resources’. More…

12 months later..progress has been made. 5

Today is ‘our’ first birthday. So please forgive me a reflective and self-indulgent post as I look back over my first twelve months as a blogger – a word I don’t think I had ever used just 13 months ago. The forthcoming anniversary had been on my mind lately, but due to a new job and the busy Easter holidays, I haven’t had much time to check it all out.

I thought it was around now that we got started. I knew it was April, but was not sure of the date. Bizarrely, I was clearing up from the Sunday dinner (whilst watching Julie & Julia for the umpteenth time), that I decided to have a break from the pots and pans and check today’s stats. There was a funny little icon waiting for me that looked like a trophy – it was a ‘gift’ from WordPress, to tell me that today was our birthday. Woo hoo. Spooky that I discovered this fact, whilst watching the film that made me decide to start in the first place. It was playing in the background on the evening Tom and I set up the blog. More…

Easy Elevensies – simple snacks and treats, no cooking skill required. 2

Earlier this year I promised I would work through some very simple recipes for those of you like me, who have to cook gluten free and dairy free but are not overly skilled or confident. Some of my recipes and ‘cheats’ might also be good for anyone a bit short of time or for anyone like me who has a tendency to skip a page, when you find a recipe that has more than about 6 ingredients and multiple steps.

As I managed to find about a fortnights worth of simple breakfast options, I think it is time to move on to mid-morning snacks or ‘elevensies’ as they used to be called. I have already covered a fair few in separate blog posts, so here are links to the ones that I think are nice and simple and a relatively wholesome or indulgent mid-morning snack. As we all know little ones often need an energy boost mid-morning and when you have a gluten free, dairy free child a babybel and some cream crackers are definitely off the menu.


Easter and the Dairy Free Kid 1

Most ‘celebrations’ or ‘holidays’ or gatherings or whatever you call them are a headache for the parent of an allergic child. None more so than Easter – because everywhere you look there are more cakes and chocolates and confections than ever just screaming at you to buy them.

Zac is very used to walking past the groaning supermarket shelves and pays them very little attention. It is a testament to his character that my child is probably one of the only four year olds in the country who can walk down the ‘sweetie’ aisle and cake aisle in the supermarket and remain totally unmoved and disinterested by what he sees there. He rushes past all the ‘normal’ stuff and head for his special place – no more than a few short shelves in our local supermarkets.