Freefromforkids – lovely online shop Reply

Since Zac’s allergies and intolerances developed, I have become aware of just how hard it is to find a good range of ‘free from’ foods – never more so than at Easter! The ranges available in supermarkets, vary from store to store, and you never know if a favourite brand will disappear never to return. The supermarkets seem to enjoy cashing in our misfortune and charge insane amounts of money for these foods, so it is always nice to come across a new stockist.

I have blogged before about Love Lactose Free Life, an online ‘chocolate shop’ that also sells great books and is looking to expand their ranges. It is managed by a very entrepreneurial and friendly lady who also has a great blog , and sadly struggles with intolerances herself and has found this business is her way of helping others in the same boat.

In fact, I have just bought some Easter eggs from her as she sells a lot of the Mini Moo dairy free chocolate range and they are Zac’s favourites. The supermarkets are putting in a very poor show at supporting a dairy free Easter this year, and I have only found a handful of eggs in Sainsbury’s – nothing in my local Tesco, Asda or Waitrose. So if you are having the same struggle, head over to Love Lactose Free Life, as she will no doubt sell out soon.

Another option to try is – Free from for kids . A site selling chocolate, cakes, biscuits,  pasta, and other free from essentials – and seasonal treats, such as Easter eggs.

Freefromforkids was started in 2012 by Suzanne Attryde, mum to two sons with multiple allergies and intolerances.  Suzanne’s sons have been on a special diet for 6 years and she found it difficult to find great tasting and attractive looking foods for her children, especially for parties, Christmas and Easter.

To try to help other families in a similar situation, she decided to set up her online supermarket for families on special diets –  Freefromforkids (

The range includes foods that are free from wheat, gluten, egg, dairy, soya, nuts and other common allergens. She also has a great blog too, so if you are looking to buy food or find some inspiration for dinner ideas, desserts, baking, healthy snacks and sweet treats, then you should definitely visit . I am glad I did, because now it means Zac can participate in the village Easter Egg hunt and not feel left out.


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