Gluten free, dairy free breakfasts. Option 5 – banana toastie Reply

Sandwiches are pretty dull for a dairy free kid. The gluten free part is not such a problem, as there are a variety of replacement bread products and most are (quite) palatable. Most are vastly improved by having something added to them, but where do you start when you are dairy free? The dairy free cheese type replacements are pretty grim and Zac hates them. I once read that the body doesn’t crave what you are allergic to, so perhaps that is why Zac is not interested in fake milk and fake cheese. He still associates anything that looks or tastes like dairy as something dangerous.

So when you are trying to come up with a sandwich filling or toast topping, it is a bit tough. Zac has always loved to eat bananas for breakfast, so recently I decided to try him with a banana toastie. Another nice, quick and easy one and it is nice and filling too. It went down very well so I thought I should share it.

We make it with Warburtons gluten free bread. I have given up on Genius. It tastes better but in most loaves I have bought, up to a third of the slices fall apart before you get them out of the bag. When you are paying £3 a time, it makes the cost per slice extremely expensive and the whole experience is infuriating.

I toasted it in Zac’s own toaster. We recently got him his own one to prevent cross contamination. I used Pure Dairy Free Sunflower spread on both slices and then topped one side with sliced banana. I put the slices together and then heated it in the microwave for six seconds. Not essential but it warms and softens the banana a bit and really brings out the flavour. Delicious.

photo (57)photo (55)

photo (58)photo (56)


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