Gluten free, dairy free breakfasts. Option 3 – raisin toast and fruit smoothies 1

Since we started on our gluten free, dairy free journey I have really enjoyed finding alternative breakfasts for my children. I have always been wary of them eating too many junk breakfast cereals and have seen this challenge as something very positive. They are always very hungry in the mornings and breakfast tends to be their best meal – so it is my best opportunity for getting them to try new things too! I don’t know if it is because they are too tired to mess about or because they are just so hungry after a busy night of ‘growing’ or in Zac’s case, getting up and down several times.

Most mornings we don’t have much time for flipping pancakes or having a full English so it is not unusual for Zac to request a bit of toast, some fruit and a yoghurt. All good and nutritious and mercifully quick to get organised so I have no problem with that. To introduce a bit of variety, I recently tried him on the Warburtons gluten free, dairy free fruit loaf and this has become a firm ‘toast’ favourite – he calls it raisin toast. He enjoys it with a scrape of Pure Dairy Free spread and likes to dip it in his yoghurt (any of the fruity Alpro soya range).

Today I decided to try a new ‘side order’ to go with his toast and make a smoothie. He only ever drinks water so I thought it might make a nice change. The only problem is that he is nervous of anything that looks too milky – understandably, so I thought adding some favourite fruits might give it a less scary look for Zac and make it smell yummy enough to taste. He loves bananas and they tend to be the best fruit to blend. He also loves peaches, I had some in the fridge so decided I would mix it in to see if they go well together. I also invited him to participate so he could see what went into it and not be afraid.

We roughly chopped/broke up a just ripe medium sized banana, threw it into a large measuring jug with half a peach also roughly chopped. We then added a generous squirt of agave nectar – just to add an extra bit of flavour and then poured in 5 fl oz of Kara dairy free milk. I used this one because it is derived from coconuts, is quite nutritious, has plenty of calcium and a faint coconut taste. I blended it using my hand blender – carefully covering the jug with a tea towel – just in case I did my usual trick of getting it up the walls. In a few seconds it was frothy and smooth. He took one look and said ‘No it looks like milk and it gives me the tummy aches’. But Sophia liked the look of it and had a whole glass to herself.

So today’s lesson (to myself) is I still have a long way to go in my quest to turn my intolerant child into an adventurous eater/drinker. But I also learned that my non intolerant child thinks that my dairy free smoothie is quite delicious – she even asked if she could have some with her packed lunch at school tomorrow. I reckon I can call this one a moderate success but in terms of simplicity and being a delicious breakfast option, I am more than happy to recommend it.




Freshly blended smoothie



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