Gluten free, dairy free breakfasts. Option 2 – Scotch or American style pancakes 4

Before I was brave enough to make my own gluten free, dairy free pancakes, I gave a packet mix a try.  They were good, just a bit thick and very ‘grainy’ tasting. I think the children were slightly put off by the bits. After that I decided it was time to be brave and try and make my own. I found a crepe style pancake recipe on the Doves Farm website and have never looked back. Over time I have started to feel confident with this recipe – but I did once have a bit of a hiccup. I used self-raising flour instead of plain and accidentally discovered how to make Scotch pancakes or American style pancakes!

The batter was much thicker than normal and it just sat in the frying pan rather than travelling around. I could tell it was cooking because little bubbles started to appear and I could actually see through the tiny pin prick sized holes. Thanks to the self-raising flour they did rise and did actually look like little tiny cakes in a pan and I guess that is how they got their name.

I have always preferred (what I call) scotch pancakes to any other kind and I used to love the ones that had sultanas in and were flavoured with syrup. So today I decided to see if I could recreate those and develop GF DF breakfast option 2.

I had a quick scout around for some recipes but some seem to require yoghurt. As we are dairy free and I didn’t have a replacement option in the house I decided to see if I could manage without. Here is what I used and how I did it.


200g Doves Farm self-raising flour

2 tablespoons of agave syrup

1 tablespoon of melted Pure dairy free sunflower spread

1 large egg

300g Kara dairy free milk

Pinch salt


Lightly whisk the egg in the bowl. Add the milk, melted ‘butter’, syrup, flour and a tiny pinch of salt. The syrup I use is made by The Groovy Food company and is called Premium Agave Nectar – light and mild. Apparently it is a low GI sweetener, so a bit less naughty than my favourite Golden Syrup. It tastes very similar, but perhaps a bit smokier – almost as if it has been blended with a bit of honey.

Whisk all together using an electric hand whisk or large balloon whisk until the mixture is very smooth and thick. I use a balloon whisk as I tend to make an awful mess with the electric hand whisk and couldn’t face getting the mix up the walls as I did once before.

Once well blended (and looking a bit like wallpaper paste) let the mixture sit for as long as you can manage. Grease a non-stick frying pan – I just smeared some Pure around mine. Then once it is hot, ladle a blob of the mixture into the centre of the pan. I used a palette knife to help shape it to a neat-ish medium thick ‘round’. Cook it on a low-ish heat. They are quite thick and you don’t want the outside to burn and the inside raw. Nothing worse than undercooked pancake mix!

Once you can see the bubbles making holes in the mix it is probably time to gently flip it over. Just use a big but thin egg flipper or whatever they are called. These pancakes are not for tossing.

I made my first one with some sultanas. I sprinkled them onto the pancake just as the mix was starting to set a bit and just before the bubbles started to emerge. That is why you cannot toss these – too thick and the sultanas would make it break up.

Once lightly browned on both sides it was ready. I drizzled some more agave syrup on mine and cut straight in, just to be sure it was cooked. Perfect and just as good as the shop bought ones I used to love. Zac loves sultanas in anything and Sophia does not, so I made 3 with and 3 without. I even managed to sneak one tiny extra pancake out of the last bit of mix in the bowl. So these measurements give you about 7 quite large pancakes plus one tiny bonus one for the chef!

The other good thing about these kinds of pancake is that they keep well – and will be perfect for a quick, filling and warm kids breakfast tomorrow. I used to reheat the shop ones for a few minutes in the toaster, so will give that a go tomorrow or I might just chicken out and put them under the grill instead, not sure I fancy seeing them disintegrate in the toaster and me spend the rest of the day fishing out the clumps!

photo (36)photo (43)photo (10)photo (17)







  1. Made these yesterday for my dairy-free daughter and she loved them. Did some with sultanas & some with dairy-free choc chips. Yummy. Thanks for posting. 🙂

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