NHS let me down – wrote to MP, only problem – it is Nadine Dorries! 3

Just when you think it can’t get any worse! Zac’s abscess came back. He is in pain. We still have no NHS appointment and my ‘baby’ is suffering. So I decided to write to my MP. Nadine Dorries. I am no fan, but I have always quite enjoyed watching her trying to wind up Cameron and the rest of the Gideon Gang. She always makes out she is ‘one of us’ and not ‘one of them’. I thought she might pick up our story as something to beat them up with – and most of all, help me get the free NHS treatment by boy deserves and so badly needs.

So I emailed her. I know she is a busy lady. Didn’t expect an immediate response. But I thought perhaps an acknowledgement, ‘will be in touch soon’ kind of thing. Nothing. Tweeted her yesterday. Growing more impatient. Then last night, still feeling very distressed from trying to force yet more anti biotics into Zac, I made the mistake of watching the Sky news ‘newspaper’ review. I love it normally, especially when the Daily Mirror guy and the Daily Mail guy start laying into each other. It was all great viewing until they showed a headline that brought me close to spontaneous combustion.

‘Nadine Dorries in the jungle’ – or something like that. No wonder she hasn’t replied. My ‘hard working’ MP is taking a bit of time out to muck about in the jungle bothering insects and munching on unmentionables. I am sure there is a joke in there – something about snakes and MP’s but I am in no mood to be funny. She should be here. This is her job. Although if and when the boundaries are changed, she will lose her job and I guess that is why she is doing this.

But that doesn’t help Zac. He needs care now.  Here am I with a child in pain, trying to get an NHS specialist to see him. We have been rejected so many times that we have now been forced to go private and somehow I need to find £300 next week to cover the cost of seeing a specialist at Great Ormond Street. I don’t have a lot of money. I can’t work. I used to be in marketing and relatively well paid, but cannot do that anymore – unless I am prepared to hire a nanny who can work from 7am until 9pm and cover all school holidays. There is no part time in marketing. You are a slave to the job or you have no job. I can’t even get a part time in a shop because I have no school holiday cover, so I would need to take a week or more off every six weeks and who is going to be happy with that?

So poor little Zac has the misfortune of being in a ‘squeezed middle’ family. We lose our child benefit soon. I need affordable childcare and flexible hours in order to be able to work and we are now having to go private to get our poorly child seen. You would have thought she would love this story and want to champion us. We are the perfect stereotype of the family who is being nailed by all that the government is doing, But no, deep down she is the same as the rest of them and is prepared to hop on a plane and eat bugs just for a few quid and a bit of publicity. Good to know where your priorities lie Mrs Dorries. Hope those bugs don’t give you a food intolerance or an allergic reaction. I hope your insect bites don’t get infected and result in abscesses like the one Zac has at the moment. Grr!!!!

In my fury, I tweeted Dennis Skinner – the Bolsover Beast, legendary MP who for all his faults, and no matter what you think of his politics, is an exemplary MP. He is 80 years old and never misses a session. Doesn’t claim fraudlent expenses and has never let his constituents down. He has held his seat since 1970. Says a lot about the man, in my opinion. So let’s see what he thinks? As my MP is absent, I hope he won’t mind me looking for someone who can wave the flag for a mother at the end of her tether, trying to keep an intolerant child in good health.

Anyone out there, know of another MP who might be interested to help? I know this is not a mega story, but I fear that there are other children out there suffering like Zac and although food intolerance and skin problems are not life threatening – what they can lead to can be – malnutrition, severe vitamin deficiency, bowel cancer, neurological problems and blood poisoning. They need help, just like Zac. They should be entitled to free treatment and testing. Not written off until they are so sick that they are hospitalised with secondary conditions.



  1. Oh Nic, sorry to hear your pain!! I read about Nadine’s trip this morning – wasn’t overly impressed either!! Our MP is Iain Duncan Smith, and whilst I know that he’s not everyone’s favourite, he’s always keen to get involved in a worthwhile local cause. Might be worth a try? Good luck next Tues – let me know how you get on. xx

    • Hi Nikki. Thanks for getting in touch. Lovely to hear from you. How is Edward? Any developments. Have been thinking of you. Be good to catch up before Christmas if we can.
      Am really hoping for some progress next week. Have been pleasantly surprised by todays activities! She is a silly woman who has let us and herself down, but the upside is it did help me raise awareness of the allergy sufferers. Lots of news interest! Can’t believe I was on ITV news website. Bonkers.
      Will have a crack at IDS. Can’t hurt to play them off against each other. And lets face it, it will be a while before she is back at her desk! Nx

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