Genius bread – not so clever if you ask me!!! 2

I have tried to make my own gluten free bread – and the results were far from good. I can see why it is difficult. It is kind of like a meat free sausage. What makes it good is the thing you can’t use. So the results are never going to be great. However, you would think a company that calls itself Genius would have cracked the case by now. It would appear that they are finding it as much of a puzzle as me. – judging by the last few loaves I have bought. Full of holes and mostly unusable. Very frustrating – especially as it costs almost £3 a loaf.

I know they have had this problem before. Genius bread disappeared from the shelves of our local supermarkets for quite a while and I saw a message on their Facebook page about it. Apparently it was to do with the improvements they are trying to make to the bread. I have to say that I had noticed that the texture of the loaves is much better – and the taste too. It is definitely softer and more like bread. But something is not quite right, because I am still getting several slices that have huge great big holes in them. Perhaps they are working on a bagel recipe – if only!

Clearly there is something going wrong in the baking process and air bubbles are blasting holes through the centre. I know baking is a science, but if you claim to be ‘Genius’ you should be working harder at finding the solution. I really feel they need to improve their quality control too, because sending out, what I can only imagine is batch loads of unusable bread is totally unacceptable.

This morning I went to make Zac’s packed lunch and picked out several slices from the loaf and the first had a small hole and the next two had larger ones. That was almost the last of that loaf, so I went to my loaf of Warburtons gluten free. I bought it yesterday, as there was no Genius again and guess what – I had a similar problem there. The whole is nearer the top crust and often is. It is almost impossible to pull a slice from the bag without the crusts falling off in the bag.

Eventually I managed to get four slices that I could use. The slices are small anyway and once you work around the ‘self removing’ crusts you are only left with the tiniest sandwich, so you need to make several rounds before you have anything like a ‘normal’ sandwich.

So for the bargain price of almost £6 – they are both around £3 per loaf. I managed to get about two days worth of packed lunches sorted for my little boy. I could be thrifty and make something from the crusts and broken slices, but I still think I deserve my money back. So am going to ask them. Will let you know how I get on. Anyone else had the same trouble? I think we should do something about this. I know Genius are working hard at their ad campaigns at the moment and gluten free is becoming a bit trendy – but I don’t think anyone is really understanding or getting across how frustrating and expensive a gluten free life is. Trust me, it is not a lifestyle I would choose to adopt!







  1. We’re sorry that the Genius loaf your purchased had holes in it. This is a problem that we are aware of and working hard to fix. Although we take samples from a relatively high proportion of each batch we make, we cannot sample every loaf! As a result unfortunately some faulty loaves reach the supermarkets.

    We’d be very grateful if you could contact us about this by sending an email to, providing us with your address and the best before date of the affected loaf. This allows us to investigate the matter further. If in future you encounter any problems with Genius we’d love to hear from you about it. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we’d love to hear from any customer who is not fully satisfied with Genius products.

  2. Thanks for coming back to me. Very much appreciated. Especially as I had not even sent you a direct complaint yet. I will email you via that address also. But I can tell you that I had holes in loaves that I bought with dates BB 2nd Oct at Waitrose Ampthill, 27 Sept Asda Milton Keynes, 22 Sept Tesco Flitwick.

    I do understand it is a hard thing to check for, but I am guessing as it happens so often. Almost every time I buy one, that there is something going wrong I guess in the baking process and something needs altering again. I know it really is a tricky thing to get right, and I did compliment you in the blog post, because I have noticed the improvement in taste and texture of the bread of late and it is our favourite brand by far.

    That is why it is so frustrating for us. Not to mention the cost. As you know the slices are small and the loaves have less slices than ‘normal’ bread. It can take half a loaf just to get one decent round of sandwiches. So when you have school packed lunches to make, you can get several loaves a week. I know I spend about on average £10 a week just on your bread and if a third of it goes in the bin, it is very hard to stomach.

    But please keep up the good work. Your product is needed and enjoyed. It is just a shame that there are obviously some production issues that still need to be sorted out.

    Best wishes.


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