Love Lactose Free Life – you bet we do 2

Finding good quality dairy free chocolate is not easy. The supermarkets can be a let-down and (the ones I visit) never seem to have much in. Waitrose seems to be the only place I can buy Moo Free drops and these are a great favourite of ours. A lovely treat and great for use in baking.

Recently I found out about Love Lactose Free Life – a website, selling dairy free goodies.

This week I placed my first order and was very pleased with the results. I was able to find the full range of Moo Free chocolates, not just the drops but the new little chocolate bars too. I was also able to find two brands that I had heard of but never seen instore – Plamil and Mulu So purely in the name of research (ahem!) I decided to order a few bits.

Booja Booja chocolates are also available, but they look a bit like a ‘grown up’ special occasion treat and so I decided just to stick to the ones I knew I could make use of and be sure that Zac would enjoy too.

I also noticed that I could buy cookbooks – The Intolerant Gourmet by Pippa Kendrick and a two of Grace Cheethams books. I had seen the Pippa Kendrick book in my local Waitrose a while ago and nearly bought it. It looked beautiful but at £20 I thought it was a bit of a hefty price tag. Love Lactose Free Life sells it for just £12.99 – so I ordered one of those too.

The order process was simple and the very next day my treats arrived. Very well packaged, with a lovely personal compliments slip – and a free bar of Moo Free. Chocolates (and books) are always guaranteed to put a smile on my face, but there is something very special about when it is delivered to your door and you find a ‘bonus’ bar in the package. A very happy day. It was also a hot day, so I put it all straight in the fridge  – didn’t want it to melt! Also, I just love the snap as you bite into very cold chocolate so somehow found the will power not to eat it straight away.

A few hours later Zac came in looking for a treat and he tried one of the Mini-Moos. It was delicious. He loved it and I loved it – he is very kind and gave me a square. It certainly tastes and looks like normal chocolate and the fact that it won’t give us a tummy ache makes it my favourite new food discovery for quite some time.

Today we tried the Mulu chocolate buttons. They are ‘raw’ chocolate, which is apparently the ‘healthiest’ form of chocolate you can get. So I felt particularly virtuous as I bit into one of the buttons. Larger than your average chocolate button and a lot ‘darker’ in flavour than the Moo Free. So if you like your chocolate ‘milky’ then Moo Free is a good choice, but if you are looking for a more grown up dark chocolate taste I would recommend the Mulu.

The Plamil white chocolate bar was the least appealing to look at and the smell was a bit peculiar. I didn’t particularly like it, so will keep the rest of the slab for baking I think. Zac seemed to enjoy it though, which surprised me, as it wasn’t particularly sweet or creamy. I think it would work very well in a cookie, so think I will try that next.

Good job I bought the Pippa Kendrick book – she has some lovely ‘free from’ recipes and sure enough, there is one for biscuits, which you can adapt by adding any little chocolatey treats. So that is tomorrow’s mission – a white chocolate chip cookie.

So if you are like me and desperately seeking dairy free delights, then I think you should definitely visit Bargain cookbooks and a nice range of lovely ‘safe’ chocolates – I will definitely be back!



  1. I always use Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate drops. We are lucky enough to live near a store and they do Tiddly Pots with dark chocolate that ‘may contain milk’ and has the inevitable small amount of soya. MyItchyBoy is fine with them though. The tiddly pots are the same as the cooking drops. We refill the pot iwth the drops which we use for muffins, flapjacks and cakes.

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