Home made cookies with a bit of help – and extra chocolate Reply

Still reeling from my bread-making failure, I decided I owed it to the children to make them something edible. They did try my awful home made bread – I toasted it first, but it was still grim and Zac said he was finished after two bites. So I offered to make them some cookies instead. I knew I had a packet mix in my cupboard, so I was confident this little adventure in baking would be a success.

The shop bought ‘safe’ free from biscuits are all pretty dusty, tasteless and expensive. Zac appears to have gone off them too. So I am not buying them at the moment, which is why I picked up the packet mix last time I was in Sainsbury’s. Useful to have in the cupboard, just in case anyone is desperate for a biscuit – or something to do. These cookies are super quick, easy to make and won’t go stale. Unlike the shop bought biscuits, these usually get eaten within 24 hours of emerging from the oven.

The mix I used was Hale n Hearty.

We have made them before, but the children were not crazy about them. They were not all that chocolately (by my standards), so I decided to fix that by adding a whole packet of Moo Free chocolate drops. http://www.moofreechocolates.com/dairy-free-chocolate/products/dairy-free-milk-chocolate-drops.php

I also added a teaspoon of golden syrup. As I made the mix it didn’t look that sticky and was not holding too well, so I decided the syrup might help and would add an extra bit of sweetness. It worked. After about twenty minutes they were baked to perfection. Looked a lot more golden and ‘shiny’ than last time and I could see and smell that they were extremely chocolatey. We each tried one while they were still warm and they were so, so good. This morning we tried one after breakfast, and they were equally delicious cold. Not longer slightly chewy – just a perfect cookie crumble texture. Very pleased with myself. Might even try and bake some from scratch later!


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