Are the supermarkets reducing their free from foods? The shelves seem to be shrinking! 8

Our local Tesco (Flitwick) just had a refit. They squeezed in some more shelves (of junk), but somehow managed to reduce their free from section. Infuriating! When I was at the Allergy Show a few months ago, I met the Tesco people and they were busy showcasing all their new products and said they were launching a bigger range – but where are they? They did say that some were still in test, so why keep advertising them in their magazine?

Also, earlier in the year I contacted Humdinger Foods about the disappearance of their Dairy Free Chocolate Buttons.

They said they had been delisted by Tesco because they were bringing their own chocolates out. A few weeks later Humdinger contacted me again and said that Tesco had changed their mind. Yet, not only have the Dairy Free brand failed to return, but our local Tesco has stopped selling dairy free chocolate altogether! Has anyone seen either lately?

Even Waitrose(Ampthill) seems to be reducing their dairy free range. The gluten free seems to be holding its own, but apart from a handful of packs of Moo Free chocolate drops the dairy free confectionary has all but disappeared. They also used to stock our favourite dairy free biscuits but I haven’t seen them for ages. The LoveMore Jammy Wheels –

We have a large Asda and Sainsbury’s about a 20 minute drive away (Milton Keynes), and these usually both stock a much more impressive selection. But sometimes, I prefer to shop online with those stores. I just don’t have the time to drag myself all the way over there and run the risk of the product I am looking for being out of stock, because even though they have the most shelf space, they seem to sell out of our key items, like the bread and chocolate. However, it seems that Sainsbury’s does not stock as much online as they do in store.

The last online order I placed with them was very disappointing. Most of my free from ‘usuals’ were showing up as out of stock and so I didn’t end up getting very much at all. So what is the solution? And more importantly why is this happening? You would think that from the insane amounts they charge for these items, that they are more valuable to them and would be more widely available and promoted.

So, for the moment it looks like I will have to buy my dairy free chocolates online. Good job I have discovered Love Lactose Free Life.

This lovely lady has set up a website selling a lovely range of dairy free ‘goodies’. Chocolate for grown ups such as Booja Booja and Mulu, and the lovely Moo Free range for the little ones. Although I love those too and think the chocolate drops are great for baking with – the perfect ingredient for a chocolate chip cookie. So if you are like me and struggling to find your favourite goodies why not give this website a try. It has been set up by ‘one of us’ (a lactose intolerant lady) and I think we should all support her.



  1. It’s the law of supply & demand, I’m afraid! That’s why if I see something I like, I buy it like its going out of fashion – then if it does, I still have some stock to work through! Other than that we shop @ Ocado because they seem to be extending their free from ranges in response to demand.

    Must say, I do think it would help if they promoted Free From lines a bit more, especially if they’re struggling! Then people would know they’re there!

    • Hi, thanks for the reply. Really appreicate it. I know what you mean about bulk buying. I have been doing that with the ice cream cones and the ‘fake’ digestive and rich tea biscuits. I have tried with the chocolate drops but I never see more than a handful on the shelf and always leave one, just in case there is another desperate Mum like me also on the hunt!
      I think the time has come to start beating up the supermarkets a bit more. I really want to raise some awareness around this. Any thoughts?

  2. Thank you for a wonderful mention. I too have been bemused by the stock choices of the supermarkets. Luckily for me the dairy free white chocolate buttons are back in my local Tesco, that is until I eat them all!
    Food allergy and intolerance are growing market sectors and I strongly believe that the supermarkets know this or they wouldn’t invest money in their own free from products.
    Like DairyFreeBabyandMe I tend to vote with my feet, or in this case my purse, and usually buy products regularly even if I dont need them at the time so that demand is constant.
    I think pester power is the way forward after all the customer is always right 🙂

    • Hiya. You are most welcome for the mention. I am not sure what on earth is going on. It is very peculiar. I am going to try and rattle some cages and see if I can get an answer.
      I know what you mean about the bulk buying, I did that with my DF, GF ice cream cones last month. Good job I did. We have got through a lot of them this week. Was hard to spend £20 on only 6 boxes though!

  3. I find we now go to different shops for different things and stock up when we go. We’re fairly limited here on choice, but nevermind! By the way, I made some delicious homemade icecream with coconut milk (Kara) the other week – tasted completely normal!!

  4. We were given an ice cream maker for Christmas and I just changed the milk/cream for Kara milk in the recipe. I can send you the recipe if you have an ice cream maker.

    • I don’t have one but think I will put it on my Christmas list. Just bought another tub of Swedish Glace today. It is lovely, but I would love to have a go at making my own. I met the Kara people at the allergy show and was impressed with their products. Please do send the recipe. Thanks again. Really appreciate it. Take care. Nic xxxxxxxxx

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