The best range of Free From foods I have seen in ages – Sainsbury’s Milton Keynes Reply

I had to run to Milton Keynes today. Needed the bank and fancied a look around the shops. On the way out I remembered there is a large Sainsbury’s very nearby and decided to pop in – on the off chance they might have some Barkat ice cream cones. Best decision I made all week!

They had a massive range of free from foods. Plenty of their own brand and a good selection of the branded ones and I am happy to say they did have the ice cream cones. I am not sure who was more excited – me or Zac. At £3.39 for a box of 10, it does make your eyes water a bit, but as this was the first time we had seen any in ages, I decided to buy four boxes. That only left four on the shelves – I could have bought them all I suppose but I didn’t want to deprive anyone else and I am not sure I could justify spending almost thirty pounds on ice cream cones.

If you are listening MK store manager, please buy more, because even though they are a shocking price, it is summer (apparently) and my boy needs his ice cream cones!!!


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