Update on ice cream cones – very disappointed with Sainsbury’s 2

If you have been following my recent blog posts, you will know that I have been searching for the Barkat gluten free, dairy free ice cream cones. I approached the Barkat stand at the Allergy Show several weeks ago and they assured me they would be back on the shelves in Sainsbury’s very soon.

I have visited three stores regularly in recent times and not seen them once. I know they are available online but the high delivery charges have put me off placing an order. It puts the cost per cone at well over £1! So last night, I decided I should just buy them from Sainsbury’s online, to save driving all the way to the store and run the risk of another wasted journey.

Sainsbury’s has always been the leading ‘free from’ supermarket in my opinion. They seem to have a much broader range of free from products in store and carry products and brands I have not seen anywhere else. So I was very disappointed to see that the online range was actually much, much smaller. Almost no confectionery and no ‘pitta’ breads or pizza bases – some of our favourites. But they did have the ice cream cones, so I ordered those and a few other bits that I was running low on e.g. soya milk and yoghurts, bread and breakfast cereal.

The delivery was prompt. Early in fact, the driver called and asked if it was convenient to deliver early. He was smartly dressed and extremely polite, so I was impressed – it was my first ever online shop with Sainsbury’s. But then he handed me the dreaded ‘substitutions’ page – no ice cream cones!!!!!!!!!!! So disappointing. I am just glad I hadn’t told Zac that I would be getting him some today. So now the hunt continues. I don’t feel particularly inclined to order with Sainsbury’s again, as there is no way I can be sure that they will bring them.

So I think I will have to contact the manufacturers direct and find out what the problem is. Have Sainsbury’s decided to stop selling them? Although if that were true wouldn’t they have stopped showing them as available online? I doubt they have simply sold out. We are not exactly in the middle of a heatwave are we? If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.



  1. Problem is they don’t have enough link up between what’s on the shelf and what’s displayed online – what’s on the shelf will depend on what’s happening in the store between you placing your order and someone putting it together for you. That’s why I prefer shopping from Ocado (only deliver to certain areas though). Funnily enough I did see Barkat’s on sale in my local Sainsbury’s yesterday afternoon. Often only certain stores in certain areas will stock a product, so you need to communicate with your local store. It might be an idea to tweet Sainsbury’s – it had an effect at my local Tesco, when I tweeted about Genius bread.

    • Thanks so much for the comment. I suspected it may be down to something like that. It is all just so frustrating. The supermarkets are failing miserably with this ‘free from’ task. I cannot understand why they are not seizing the opportunity. The market is worth millions to them and yet they seem very indifferent. In my opinion they are more interested in peddaling cheap junk, which I think is causing a lot of the problems anyway. I will take your advice and tweet them, will let you know what happens. Kind regards and good luck with your little one. Nicola

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