Rice noodles – a naturally DF, GF product 1

One of the most important things I have learned since we became a ‘free from’ family is that the ‘world food’ aisles of the supermarkets hold many hidden treasures. Not all foods on the Free From shelves are suitable for us, as too many have dairy. And not all foods elsewhere in store are unsuitable. There are a good number that are naturally gluten free and dairy free, and rice noodles are a great example of this. They are easy to find, not particularly expensive, easy to cook, versatile and delicious to eat. A perfect ‘free from’ food.

They are becoming easier to find too. Just this week I have seen Tesco and Asda have stocked their own in their chiller sections with the packs of prepared stir fry veg. Both supermarkets had deals on the noodles if you buy with the veg and a sauce. A rare bargain. When you shop DF and GF you are used to paying over the top for everything, so when you find something suitable that is discounted and with the ‘normal’ foods, you start feel that there is hope!



Banana loaf – a great way to use up some over ripe fruit 2

I love bananas – so long as they are just ripe, perfectly yellow skin with no black spots and still firm to the bite. Once they get a bit spotty, soft and ‘furry’, they are nothing like as appealing. In these austere times, it seems very wrong to let them go to waste, so this week I decided to see what I could do with them, other than throw them away.

I remembered a banana and sultana loaf recipe that I last made several years ago, so decided to see if it could be successfully made using gluten and dairy free ingredients. I found the recipe in The River Cottage Family Cookbook and it is quite simple – even for me.


Chilli boats – adding a bit of interest to a midweek meal! Reply

Last night I decided to make a chilli. Haven’t done it for a while. It seems that whenever I have any mince in the fridge I just make a Bolognese for the children. Easy but lazy. I had two packets this time so decided to have a go at multi-tasking and made both. Good job I have seven burners on my range cooker. I think I used all of them doing this. Two massive pans of sizzling beef in ‘sauce’ – moving them round across all of the different sized burners in an attempt to keep them cooking evenly.

I often make two meals at once. If you have got the time to chop and cook, why not make two lots of dinners, so long as you don’t mind eating ‘leftovers’, then it seems like a good idea to me. Meant I didn’t have to cook tonight.

Everyone has their own ‘chilli con carne’ recipe, so I won’t bore you with mine. Needless to say I use gluten free stock cubes and don’t add any cheese anywhere. Obviously, this is a good meal for all the gluten free guys as you usually just serve with rice, or a jacket potato if you are really pushing the boundaries!?! More…

Chocolate crunch refrigerator cakes – a step up from the ‘krispie’ cake 2

I am no baker, but I do love chocolate and ‘working with it’. My intolerant child likes chocolatey things and loves a treat. Since starting this blog, I have been working my way through lots of recipe books trying to see if I can adapt recipes to make them suitable for Zac – and make them palatable to anyone else. Not an easy task when you have ‘gluten free and dairy free’ as your challenge. I can handle the main courses and a basic rock cake, but shy away from complicated baking. So whenever I see a ‘cake’ that is not even baked, I am always more keen to give it a go. More…

Carluccio’s Milton Keynes – could they cater for my intolerant child? 2

Since I started this blog, one of my main gripes has been about how hard it is to eat at restaurants when you have an ‘intolerant child’. I cannot deny things are improving and certain chains are revising their menus, labelling their ingredients very well and even buying in gluten free foods but dairy intolerance is not really even considered. More…

How many GF/Coeliac people can eat dairy? 10

Please let me know.  I am pretty sure Zac is one of many who cannot tolerate either. I want to know how many of us are destined to carry our own packed lunch wherever we go?

Today, we took the children to Woburn Safari Park and had to dash for cover when it started to rain. We went to the indoor playhouse for a drink and some food. As usual, my expectations were low. More…