The White Chocolate buttons are coming back 1

Very excited. Just got an email from the people at Humdingers and they are bringing their ‘Dairy Free’ brand back. The chocolate buttons should be back on the shelves of Tesco by 1st July. They did not say why they are bringing them back. I suspect they received lots of letters from people like me asking them to reconsider. So now we all need to keep buying them so they don’t get delisted again.

When I first contacted Humdinger they said they had decided to abandon their dairy free range as the supermarkets were bringing out their own brands. I have not seen any evidence to suggest this is the case. Asda is the only store that has any kind of self branded ‘free from’ chocolate. The others occasionally stock Moo Free, which have become a new favourite with us, but they are not there every time we shop.

To be honest, I would say that at the moment it looks like there is less variety on the Free From shelves, which seems utterly bizarre to me, as so many people seem to need these alternatives. Aside from the all the people who have contacted me since I started the blog, it seems whenever I am in a supermarket I meet more people who have these problems.

On Friday, Zac and I were checking out in Asda and the lady saw all of Zac’s foods going through and asked what his allergies were. I explained and she said she has the same problem with wheat and gluten but she thinks the free from foods are just horrible and no better for you. She believed that the supermarkets are just replacing one lot of junk with another. She says she just makes her own food and prefers to follow a whole food diet. Sensible lady.

So that is two people in just two days, the nurse at the asthma clinic and the lady in the supermarket. With statistics like these I think Humdinger should consider expanding their ranges and not just bringing back their old products. More pressure is needed on the manufacturers and the supermarkets. Now we have got the buttons back, I think it is time to move on to those ice cream cones – just in case the summer does arrive!


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