Another day, another party… Reply

Sophia has a birthday party to go to today. It is a bowling party and looks lots of fun. Tom and I have decided to take Zac and take a lane beside them and have some fun of our own. I also thought it might be nice to see if we can find somewhere ‘safe’ for lunch. Birthday parties are always disastrous for Zac, but leisure complexes usually have a selection of eating places, so you never know – we might be lucky.

Had a quick look on the website and the only places at this complex are Nando’s, a Wetherspoons pub and Subway. As Subway is just sandwiches, we can forget about that but the other two look promising.

You would think you would be safe with Nando’s. If only Zac actually ate chicken! His food intolerances have made him very wary of many ‘safe’ foods and he just won’t eat meat. Perhaps he has a mild intolerance to it and it makes him feel ill – perhaps I have just missed that one! I should probably get it checked out.

Anyway, I had a quick peep at the Nando’s menu, just in case we could entice him (I am constantly trying to expand his eating repertoire) and they had a special note saying that their ‘Portuguese  bread rolls’ now contain milk. What? Why? If they didn’t have it before, who on earth decided that they need it now! I am sure this is why Zac became intolerant to wheat and gluten. So many ‘breads’  have milk added that he cannot eat them because of his milk allergy. Over time, he just lost his tolerance to wheat as we just had to avoid it more and more to be safe.

So it seems Nando’s is well and truly off our list, as rather than having a special allergy list or information page there is just a scary warning sign and it says ‘Speak to our manager on duty if you have any food allergies’. I guess there is a lot of wheat flour dusted over stuff to make it nice and crispy. Shame really as you would expect a place that sells fresh cooked chicken to be safe!

So next I checked out the Wetherspoons menu and was pleasantly surprised. They have a clever little menu creation tool on their site. You just tick your allergy or intolerance and it comes up with the ‘safe’ selections.

None were children’s portions or from the children’s menu – except the fruit smoothie drink, but it is all a step in the right direction and I am sure they could create something for an intolerant child and you would hope they would charge appropriately. Will let you know how we get on!


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