You couldn’t make it up… 1

I headed into a “Little Waitrose” store in London today to pick up some lunch. As always, I like to check out the free from products to see if there are any new items of Zac interest. Fair play to them, there were a few new bits..mostly gluten free items, so no joy for Zac, but I tip my hat to them for expanding the range. Noticed some bread was on a special offer, so thought I’d take a picture of the price and check with Nicola later.

At this moment, I then get a tap on my shoulder with a Waitrose employee asking me why I am taking a picture. I say my son has food intolerances and I was going to compare the bread special offer price. Waitrose employee is clearly not happy with this explanation and says it is against policy for me to take pictures and asks me to stop. Feeling like I am being implicated as some sort of spy intending on bringing down Waitrose, I asked why..Waitrose employee replies in stronger dismissive tone “because it is against company policy and you need to get permission from head office”.. Sensing the conversation is not going anywhere and waitrose employee is clearly revelling the stand off, I say fine I will not take any more pictures, but I will also no longer bring my custom here again. He says fine and I say fine and I walk away.

Outside, I think about the encounter and it was both frustrating and silly. I am seriously wound up by the employee. I don’t begrudge an employee enforcing company rules, but the manner and tone he took was just awful. I decide I am going to call his bluff as I just feel I have been penalised for something incorrectly and his manner stunk. I head back into Little Waitrose, fighting back the demons not to let my infamous eye bulge come out. I tap him on the shoulder and say I will be contacting head office and that I need his name and job title…he says his name is Dan…after another 2 goes I then get his is the duty manager. He says he can get his manager to come over, but I say I would rather contact head which point we part ways and he scuttles off…probably to enforce more head office rules…I dread to think what he’d do if you put back an item in the wrong aisle..5 years hard labour probably.

The serious point is why cant I check prices and take a picture of a loaf of bread if I want to…people compare prices, there’s a recession on, get over it Dan the Duty Man !

Maybe this could be a new hobby of mine…I’ll head back in tomorrow and draw a picture of the price on some paper or maybe record prices on the phone voice recorder…see what Dan the Duty Man thinks about that..maybe he can make a suggestion to add that to head office policy too..

For the record, and getting back to the special offer on the Zac friendly bread…the offer price was £3.13 (21p less than normal)…


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