An interesting theory – gm yeast? Reply

Since launching this blog, a few people have emailed me with insights that they have had regarding food intolerance. One friend told me of some studies in France around gluten and wheat intolerances. I am not sure of the original source, so need to look it up, but apparently prior to about 1980 this kind of intolerance was pretty much unheard of in France. Now they are using very processed flour, it is becoming more common.

Some of the thoughts around this theory are that a lot of people don’t actually have a wheat and/or gluten intolerance, but they do have an intolerance to the additives in the bread which are added to keep it fresh for longer as with many other foods. This makes sense to me. I am sure we all remember a time when milk went off after a couple of days and bread went stale. It seems to live forever now.

According to my friend, it is now thought possible that the yeast could be the culprit. Fast acting yeasts are being used these days and they have been genetically modified to grow faster and bigger than the naturally occuring yeasts that used to be used for bread. This makes a lot of sense to me. We are always hearing about the dangers of genetically modified foods, so perhaps we need to look into this further.

Thinking about it, Zac has never had his allergies fully tested, so this could be valid for him. Apart from a blood test for Coeliac disease, which came back negative, none of the doctors we have seen have felt the need to test him further, despite my constant requests. We have all just assumed he is intolerant to wheat and gluten because of his reactions when he eats foods with these ingredients. I hadn’t considered other ingredients commonly occuring.


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