It is a global problem Reply

I have just found this article on the Allergy UK website. I am shocked. Firstly, it states that one in twelve children has a food allergy. A staggeringly, worryingly high number. From what I have heard since I started this blog, it seems that the number with intolerance is even higher than that.

The other interesting feature in this article is the types of allergy that occur in different countries. Milk and egg seem to be a global problem. But all of the other countries seem to have a high incidence of allergy in the foods that they consume most widely and the types of food you naturally associate with their cuisine, e.g. Japan – fish and buckwheat (so that covers sushi and noodles – their staples right?), Spain – peach, apples, fish and shellfish (my favourite summer holiday foods when I am there), France – mustard seed (think Dijon) – is it just me or is there a slight pattern emerging here?

Have a look at this article and let me know your thoughts. With this pattern of increase in the last forty years, what does the next forty years hold? Will we all be intolerant/allergic and carry epipens around wherever we go? Is no-one working to ‘fix’ this?


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