Coeliac Awareness Week Reply

Great news Coeliac Awareness Week is coming.

I have already noticed a few bits appearing in the press and online and I am sure there will be more as the date approaches. Not sure if there is a ‘dairy free awareness week’. There should be. I will find out.

Zac is not a Coeliac, but he has to live like one, so I will be supporting this cause and would recommend any of you gluten intolerants to do the same. Just remember a lot of the recipes and campaigns are purely about cutting gluten out of foods and raising awareness of the condition and dairy is not an issue, so not everything will be ‘safe’ for everyone, but still good to have ideas and news.

Perhaps those of you who are wheat, gluten and dairy intolerant etc can help me raise awareness of the fact that many people are afflicted with ‘multi-intolerances’ and we need even more help and much more awareness. Currently this is much overlooked.


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