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Today I visited Tesco again. Just needed a few bits and wanted to have another careful look to see if any new Free From products have appeared and I did see something I have never seen before.  Tesco’s own brand ‘Free From’ sausages. I picked them up and had a look at the ingredients. 75% pork which is very good, but the remaining content was made up with tapioca starch, potato starch, pea protein and a few other ingredients.

I was not tempted to try them. There is no need. The Debbie &  Andrew’s sausages are naturally dairy free, wheat free and gluten free and they are 97% pork and the remaining 3% is just casing and flavourings.

There is no need for a starch of any kind, so why have Tesco put it in their ‘Free From’ sausage? There is a theory out there at the moment that suggests that the rise in the number of food allergies and intolerances is connected to the amount of unnecessary cereal and ‘junk’ starches being added to our food. People are overconsuming them unknowingly and this is causing gut aggravation. Clearly the likes of ‘Debbie&Andrew’ have worked this out and are working to develop premium food products that not only taste good but are much better for us. Let’s hope more food manufacturers will follow their example – you would certainly think the likes of Tesco would have considered this when producing a product for their customers with food intolerances!


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