National Allergy Week research links ‘healthy’ food to hay fever 1

National Allergy Week research links ‘healthy’ food to hay fever – Yahoo! Lifestyle UK.

I just thought I would put this link up as we are in hay fever season and obviously there is a link between many allergies and intolerances.

Zac has hay fever, in fact he has a clear runny nose most of the time. He has now developed an ‘asthma like cough’ to go with his hay fever and has been given an inhaler which does help. He is allergic to cats also and this also triggers his cough and runny nose. He has also recently developed some ‘spotty’ and dry patches on his skin, starting to look like a dermatitis/eczema type rash.

When we met Zac’s first consultant he described Zac as a classic example of an ‘atopic’ person. Atopy is a predisposition toward developing certain allergic hypersensitivity reactions. So it makes sense that he has moved on from just hay fever and dairy intolerance to pretty much the full set!

Ironically, a lot of advice for people with the runny nose, asthma and eczema type reactions is to lay off dairy. He has developed these conditions since we abandoned dairy, so is it just in his genetic make up or is the ‘health food’ aggravating it? This is why I wanted to share this article link. Anyone else got any thoughts or similar experiences?


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