Intolerant Cookbooks Reply

Today I went to Waitrose. As the mother of an intolerant child you are forced to be a promiscuous shopper and try every supermarket you pass – in the vain hope that those much loved white chocolate buttons have made a comeback or the tortilla chips.

The section of the aisle definitely carried some more lines than normal, but no white chocolate buttons and no ‘fake’ jammie dodgers. They have been missing for quite some time now and I fear they are not coming back.

At the end of the aisle were all the beautiful cookery books and ‘The Intolerant Gourmet’ jumped out at me. So, someone has already beaten me to the idea of creating a book to help all intolerants. It is a beautiful book and I may buy it. However, the recipes are very much ‘gourmet’ and nothing really appealing to a child or a slightly lazy cook like me. I love to cook meals but am no ‘baker’. Far too many fiddly ingredients, e.g. xanthan gum, arrowroot….

As I unpacked my shopping, I watched the film ‘Julie and Julia’. Made me think about ‘Nicola and Annabel’. In the way that Julie Powell adored Julia Child, who was a cookery guru for American housewives, Annabel Karmel is the modern day equivalent for mothers learning to cook for their children. I have one of her books and found it useful in the early weaning stages and I have several friends who had never cooked a meal until they bought her book. She has made many modern mothers aware of nutrition and the importance of engaging a child’s interest in good food. I have seen her on tv discussing health and nutrition several times and there is even a link to her site on the website of the ‘gut specialist’ I want to get an appointment with.

She has started to work on gluten free recipes and there is a good selection on her website. However, I have not yet found anything that is particularly suitable or interesting for a dairy free child/mother. So I am going to attempt to be a Julie Powell and blog about my attempts to create fabulous Annabel Karmel-type recipes, but with a dairy free twist. Wish me luck.


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