The latest diagnosis… Reply

Monday 16th April

As I suspected…

We saw the paediatrician today. I told him how well Zac has been since he has been truly 100% ‘free from’. He was pleased and said that we should remain free from for several more years!! One year at the very least. He was happy to discharge us for now, or would see us again in 12 months to talk about possible challenges. He felt that Zac’s best chance of growing out of it all was to stay away from potential aggravation for years. I guess that makes sense. He had an upset stomach for more than 2 of his 3 years. I guess there was very little stuff left in his gut to deal with anything. It makes sense that his gut needs to be left alone to regrow the cultures, bacteria or whatever.

So, as we are going to be living ‘free from’ for another year at the very least, I feel even more compelled to push on with this blog and work out new coping strategies and menus and share them with everyone else.

When you first hear the recommendation to remain ‘free from’ you feel irritated because eating out will remain difficult, and so will eating in! Am I doomed to carry a lunch bag wherever we go for years to come? However, is it such a bad thing? Do I really want him to be able to eat ‘junk’?

Being ‘free from’ keeps him away from processed foods. Being ‘free from’ means his diet is regularly assessed by a dietician and is perfectly balanced. It is low in cholesterol, fat and bad carbs. It is high in vitamins, good protein and ‘quality carbs and grains’, e.g. buckwheat and quinoa, the things the ‘telly doctors’ tell us all we should try.

Why am I so keen for my baby to be able to eat sloppy, high GI, white pasta smothered in greasy processed salty ham and bacon and melted cheese?  It may taste great but perhaps he is not really missing out.

Not being a cheese addict could save him from obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol and gall stones. So why am I sad? Rather than wishing Zac could eat that filth, shouldn’t I be glad he can’t? In fact, my sadness is that the alternative, healthier options are not more widely  available. Because the more I think about it, the more I would happily keep him on this diet and move the rest of the world to his way of eating and not the other way around. So that is the new plan. Not try and ‘fix’ him so he can eat cheeseburgers and sausages with no ill effect, but make it possible for him and the rest of us to live an easy ‘free from’ life. So here we go…


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