Gluten free, dairy free breakfasts. Option 2 – Scotch or American style pancakes 1


The children have requested I make this version this evening as their Shrove Tuesday treat. Could hardly refuse. Zac has skin prick tests this afternoon, so need to have something to cheer him up when we get home!

Originally posted on feeding my intolerant child:

Before I was brave enough to make my own gluten free, dairy free pancakes, I gave a packet mix a try. They were good, just a bit thick and very ‘grainy’ tasting. I think the children were slightly put off by the bits. After that I decided it was time to be brave and try and make my own. I found a crepe style pancake recipe on the Doves Farm website and have never looked back. Over time I have started to feel confident with this recipe – but I did once have a bit of a hiccup. I used self-raising flour instead of plain and accidentally discovered how to make Scotch pancakes or American style pancakes!

The batter was much thicker than normal and it just sat in the frying pan rather than travelling around. I could tell it was cooking because little bubbles started to appear and…

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